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Sh Assim Al Hakeem

May, 2018


The Islamic Center of Kuwait conducts Halaqa or lectures every Thursday after Isha prayers in Masjid Al Othman, Kuwait City. These lectures are followed by dinner for the whole family. ICK makes it a point to invite scholars, speakers from Kuwait as well as all around the world.

Halaqa 6 Sep 2018.jpg
18 May 2018.jpg
Halaqa 10 May 2018.jpg
3 May 2018.jpg
26 Apr 2018.jpg
19 Apr 2018.jpg
Abu Othman 12 Apr 18.jpg
Abu Othman 29 Mar 18.jpg
Halaqa 22 March 2018.jpg


1 Mar 2018.jpg
Abu Othman 8 Mar 18.jpg
22 Feb 2018.jpg
8 Feb 2018.jpg
1 Feb 2018.jpg
11 Jan 2018.jpg
4 Jan 2018.jpg
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